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As the aging process begins, the connective tissue thins and collagen and elastic fibers break down. These changes in the skin's support structures appear as sagging, deep creases, folds and wrinkles that can begin to appear as early as age thirty.

The patented Silhouette Threads™ procedure is a safe, conservative and effective method to offer subtle, natural-looking results. The specially designed sutures are fashioned from clear polypropylene, a material that is found in other medical products that have been used in the body for years.

By gently shifting sagging tissues in an upward direction, this technique allows the surgeon to produce a relaxed, fresh appearance while preserving and enhancing the natural contours of your face. This procedure does not replace a conventional facelift; rather it offers patients an innovative, minimally invasive approach.

In general, the best candidates for this procedure include both women and men in their thirties through their sixties who want a more youthful appearance, but do not want a conventional full facelift, browlift or neck procedure.



Pre-Contour Threads
Post Contour Threads
Post Contour Threads
Pre-Contour Threads
Post Contour Threads
Post Contour Threads


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